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Service Centre

SCUBAPRO equipment needs to be serviced every 24 months or 100 dives, whichever comes first, by an Authorized SCUBAPRO Dealer.


Taking Care of Your SCUBAPRO Product


a. Any use of the equipment is conditional to reading, understanding, and following the product-specific user instruction guide.

b. Use of the equipment is limited to those applications described in this guide and for purposes granted in writing from SCUBAPRO.

c. The equipment must be serviced every 24 months or 100 dives (e.g. examined, serviced, and if required, repaired) by an Authorized SCUBAPRO UWATEC Dealer. This maintenance must be documented (we suggest our SCUBAPRO Log/Service Book). Only original SCUBAPRO parts should be used for maintenance and repair.

d. If the equipment is improperly serviced, or repaired by persons repaired by persons who are not part of the SCUBAPRO/UWATEC Authorized Dealer network, and in cases where the equipment is used for purposes not specifically designated; liability for the correct and safe function of the equipment transfers to the owner/user.

e. Instructions and statements contained in this document and in the instruction manuals are based on the latest information available prior to printing. SCUBAPRO® reserves the right to make changes at any time.

f. Local statutes and regulations must be followed when transporting this equipment.

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