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Nitrox System

Membrane Nitrox Installations are the ultimate in safety, ease of use, longevity and gas accuracy results. They are part of a 7 part modular system, and can be adapted on any existing or new unit(s), and brand, with any flow rate

1. LP Screw Compressor + dryer
2. Membrane Unit
3. Compressor(s)/Pump
4. HP Cooling and gas condensing
5. Filtration
6. Gas banking
7. Fill Station

Any and all of these items can also be installed independently. Nothing is too small or too big to install, adjust, create and improve!

Money matters, and we find through good planning, our systems very quickly pay for themselves, then start saving your hard earned income with every tank filled. ROI and profit is 2nd only to safety. Some queries are below to enable us to help you better design a system to suit your needs.

  • What system, if any, you currently use?

  • What gas flow you require in LPM, or, how many cylinders do you want to fill per day?

  • Where is the system to be located?

  • Do you have a trained operator and/or technician on staff?

  • Do you require scheduled maintenance?

  • Approximate budget allowance?

  • When are you looking to install by?

Filtration Calculator + ROIs

How much does it cost you to fill each cylinder? And how much of that is the filter value? Don’t know? Use the calculators here above to figure it out! Or attend one of our compressor technician programs to be shown how to do it easily. 

After that, how much would you save per tank if you upgraded your filtration vessels and medium capacity? You need to figure out the return on investment, and thus plan to maximise your dive shop’s operating expenses, and decrease unnecessary costs. 

And what if we told you about what a B-Cool does? ;)

Business Development

Our goal, it to help you get the most business, achieve growth and improve your sales, in a positive and long term way. Why? If we help you to get the right and best equipment to suit your needs, then show you how to utilise this to the best efficiency, saving time and money both now, next year, and in 10+ years, then you, as our Proscuba partner, will be happy.


Right? We thus show you how to sell more, and grow, which means you need more gear, and see that we are helping your business, and a great relationship  develops between us. Contacts and relationships are the backbone of business.

Retail Sales Establishment

As above with Business Development, your divers want to buy mask, snorkel, fins, boots, dry bag, computer, bcd, reg set, etc etc. So you should let them! Build your retail shop, and showcase colours, sizes, styles and variants. Remember, as a diver I want to buy from my trusted dive instructor and shop, rather than online, even if I pay a little more.

Breathing Gas testing, plus No Bubble Policy + Clean gas Ideals

Yes, you save much more money by servicing your gear, rather than letting it all go to waste and ruin. And yes, the same goes for providing clean gas to your customers. Speaks for itself, and if youre interested, we go over the financials associated with equipment renewal to showcase this in depth in our technical presentations.


We can also test your system, then issue valid certificates based on EN12021 gas ratings, to ensure your compressors are providing the best clean breathing air for your staff and customers. We are qualified CE gas analysis testers, and also certifying agent trainers. So if your shop would also like to do in house gas testing, let us know and we can train your team in how the unit’s work, and you purchase your own to use 24/7, or any time you choose.

Key Dive Influencer

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