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Retail Sales Establishment

As an operator, you already have paid the rental/building cost, acouhnting, cleaning and backend staff, plus your sales and instrcutor teams. By adding some products to your already exisiting walls, there is zero extra overheads – only the Capex on the products. This is a massive advantage over traditional retail stores, where they pay all these expenses with no extra revenue stream such as diving, dive courses, etc, which is our main income. Retail margins can stand between 25% and 50%, making the returns with a little energy of your staff caring to make a sale, truly excellent, and this is how you can double and triple your overall profits of your already exisiting dive shop.


Especially in this new hygiene driven age, where regulators, masks and wetsuits are so critical to be clean and much better, owned for each diver, this is such an important component to be repected as offering your customers, as well as icing for you in return for the outlay of the product cost, and educating your staff in product features and sales craft.

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