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INDIAN EDITION units combine core components from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN in uncompromising quality whose ability to perform is beyond doubt with equipment that has been optimised for its intended purpose. The familiar durability, high safety and clean air quality conforming to international norms and standards naturally also comes as part of the package.

The IE-TE breathing air compressor series strikes a particularly good balance between price and free air delivery. Their integrated oil pump supports angles of inclination of up to 15 degrees, making this series of units particularly suitable for use on ships or for installation in vehicles.


  • 300 lpm, Three phase motor, P-21 filtration system, 200 bar filling device (2 no’s)
  • 300 lpm, Three phase motor, P-21 filtration system, 300 bar filling device (2 no’s)
  • 300 lpm, Three phase motor, P-21 filtration system, Switchover device,200&300 bar filling device (Each 1 no)

Bauer IE300

Availability in 30 days from the date of your order
  • The BAUER IK 120 series compressor block has been designed for the most demanding professional applications. Dimensioned for more than 30,000 operating hours, it has proven its worth in thousands of application scenarios.

    With their outstanding surface hardness, plasma-nitrided and plateau-honed cylinders are able to achieve extremely long service lives combined with low energy consumption and reliable oil lubrication of cylinder surfaces.

    Furthermore, wear-resistant piston rings in the final stage minimize running costs. The compressor block is both efficient and reliable. Stainless steel cooling ribs on the cooler in the final stage provide the basis for particularly efficient cooling and thus very long service life.

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