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Sharing the design scheme of the D-Series D420 regulator, the D-Mask is a sleek, premium mask well-suited for all types of diving. The mask features true colour UV protective lenses that deliver the best balance of surface protection and underwater clarity. It also features an interchangeable lens system for optional optical lenses. Offering a comfortable fit and a wide field of view, the D-Mask is available in black with blue accents to match the D420 regulator’s colour scheme. It comes with a choice of black or clear skirts in two sizes: Medium and Small, and there’s also a Wide skirt available in black only. The D-Mask’s skirt is made with SCUBAPRO’s revolutionary Trufit Technology, utilizing a unique ribbing pattern and not one but two thicknesses of high-quality silicone. The silicone near the mask frame is thicker and firmer with a matte finish for additional support and rigidity. The silicone contouring the face is thinner, providing a pliable and extremely comfortable watertight seal.

D-Mask w Blue subframe, HUD adapter, UV lens and comfort strap

Availability 6 weeks from the date of the order
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