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Although targeted primarily to technical divers, the DIGITAL 330M is an ideal initial data delivery system for beginning divers, and it can be a useful backup instrument for divers of all skill levels. Using state-of-the-art technology, it reliably provides essential information including depth, temperature, bottom time and ascent speed. The DIGITAL 330M can be counted on to provide outstanding electronic accuracy in all diving conditions


SKU: 05.014.110
    • Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, a bevy of information is provided in a compact information center.
    • Data includes actual and maximum depth, ascent speed, dive time in minutes and temperature.
    • Auto on/off feature means it’s always ready to dive after a quick self-test.
    • Variable ascent rates are displayed in a percentage and with a fast ascent warning.
    • Depth-rated to 330m to suit all technical and deep-diving scenarios.
    • Surface interval is displayed for 24 hours for safety and convenience.
    • Logbook provides data for the last 20 dives to allow for post-dive review and analysis.
    • Provides automatic altitude compensation when changing dive locations.
  • System of Measurement Metric
    Fluorescent Dial No
    Weight 0.3 lb | 0.13608 kg
    Activity Freediving, Recreational, Technical
    UPC 4048336084758
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